Soft Skills

Good manners, optimism, common sense, a sense of humor, empathy and
the ability to collaborate and negotiate are all important soft skills. Other
soft skills include situational awareness and the ability to read a situation as
it unfolds to decide upon a response that yields the best result for all

Another important soft skill is adaptability. An employee with this attribute
has the ability to work in various situations equally well and move from one
situation to another with ease and grace. The ability to be diplomatic and
respectful even when there are disagreements is also a key soft skill. This
skill requires the employee to maintain a professional tone and demeanor
even when frustrated.

An employee with a high level of emotional intelligence has good
communication skills and interpersonal skills. He can clearly articulate
goals and can work in a team. He knows when to take a leadership role
and when to sit back. He knows when to speak, when to listen and when to
suggest a compromise.

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